Is it really Autumn now?!  Here’s a few snaps from our first family camping trip and what we did in my post below…I’ve included my top tips for camping with a baby/toddler too xx


Happy camper!


Just a bouncy castle really?!


All ready for bed cuddles in her sleeping bag


Morning smoothie time!




Can’t believe this is September in England!


We’re not really serious selfie takers…




Pretty beach huts lining the coast



Upside down kisses!




British tradition!




After my accessories already



Pub garden family selfie!

We took our first family camping trip and we were so incredibly lucky to have such gorgeous sunny weather.  It didn’t feel like it but we were only 2 and a half hours drive from home.

I was definitely a little nervous about taking Gracie camping but I’m so glad we did, she loves being outdoors and sleeping in the tent was so exciting for her!   There was a beach just a few minutes walk from camp so we could hear the waves crashing from inside our tent.   It meant that before dinner we could let Gracie have a paddle and collect pebbles  (her favourite thing to do!) and Gareth could throw himself around in the waves and really disconnect from work.

On the first night Gracie was so excited and she didn’t go to sleep until 9:30pm which is so late for her.   When we travel it usually takes her a day or so to settle in to new surroundings so we just got her ready for bed as usual and had cuddles by our little campfire until she was really sleepy.

We spent the next day in the coastal town of Southwold, playing on the beach, paddling in the sea and just strolling around with no plan, love it!   I wore a dress from H&M which was so light and breezy – though will also be great for Autumn with boots and a biker jacket.  My Topshop hat has been a holiday staple for me this Summer.  My hair is in an inbetween stage as I’m growing it so it’s been easy to throw on a hat and not even deal with it.

Our second day we took a trip to a different seaside town, Aldeburgh – with a pebble beach and lots of cute fishing boats scattered around.  It was really authentic feeling and we actually went there because they have a fish and chip shop that is quite famous for being so amazing…and it was!

As soon as we packed up to leave and started driving away the rain came and POURED for the whole day, still can’t believe our luck!

As much as I have loved being away, like always I love getting home and sleeping in our bed.    My mum had cleaned our house as a surprise for us to come back to as well!

Here’s my list of top 5 tips for camping with a baby/toddler (Gracie is 15 months, I still call her a baby?!)

  1. Overpack!  This one sounds weird I know but for me and keeping the stress levels down, my mantra was ‘just in case’  That being said, being organised is really important too because there’s not a lot of room to spread out and I needed things to hand so lots of little bags keeping things separate helped
  2. We took familiar things from home like Gracie’s sleeping bag, comforter and a bed sheet.  This is the same for any of our travelling really.
  3. Playpen/travel cot – basically a little station to contain them in!  I took a few toys and it just kept her safe and occupied while we got everything sorted in the mornings and when pitching up and packing away
  4. Find a site with hot showers and toilets – whilst we were no where near glamping, we did make sure we had some essentials close by!  For me, that’s hot showers and proper toilets!   Though before our trip, we binged watched ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix and I got really freaked out walking to the toilets in the dark with my little torch…and I obviously couldn’t drag Gareth along to protect me as he stayed with Gracie!
  5. Flex on the routine if you can.  This is a hard one when travelling because for me, I’ve worked hard on getting a routine that seems to keep Gracie happy, I don’t want to set us back or upset things.  So it can take some adjustment for me probably more than her, she just deals with it!  The routine doesn’t go out the window, we just have to do naps in the pushchair rather than a cot and be prepared for a little messed up sleep pattern.

Katy xx


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