I’ve been doing some serious style soul searching lately and it’s been so liberating and fun!

For years I worked in corporate settings so 80% of my wardrobe was allocated to ‘smart/casual’ office attire.    I was a buyer up until 15 months ago so had to be smart enough for meetings with suppliers and comfy enough to get through the long, pressured days.  Don’t get me wrong, my working day is longer now ha!  But it feels amazing to have the freedom to wear whatever I want depending on my mood.  Sometimes that’s pj’s until 11am and that’s just fine!

Autumn really gets me in the mood for those things that are far more enjoyable in the cooler weather.   Soups and casseroles, walks in the woods with wellies crunching the leaves at my feet and lazy Sunday pub lunches.  It’s one of my favourite times to go on a city break too, perfect for walking around outside all day.  This time last year we took Gracie to New York when she was 4 months and I lost so much of my baby weight walking around with her in the carrier so much.   It’s such a nice change from the Summer holidays too when I’m always looking for shade, trying to keep a hat on her and applying sun cream which is just like trying to put in on an octopus!

Autumn also means I get to wear dresses and booties, layered with long cardigans and of course sunglasses to hide the dark circles!   It’s still warm enough for bare legs but this dress is going to be great with tights and flats for days that I want to exchange my typical ‘mum uniform’ (jeans and tee of course) for something a little different.

I’m OBSESSED with chokers and am so pleased they are everywhere!  I love that they can go with a casual outfit and instantly make it feel updated.   This one is velvet too.

Well I can hear Gracie waking from her afternoon sleep so time to shut down and get some fresh air at the park!

Katy xx





DRESS: Zara / CARDIGAN:H&M (Similar here) / BOOTS:Zara / CHOKER:Next (Similar here)

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