I’m a little obsessed with long hair and just cannot WAIT for mine to grow!  So for our afternoon walk in the woods I just clipped some extensions in, did a little braid and Voila!  

My mum joined us for this walk – Gareth is working away at the moment so mum has come to stay with us.  He’s only gone a few days but I miss him so much and can’t wait for him to come home where he belongs!  But in the meantime it’s so much fun to spend some lovely quality time the three of us girls making memories.

The extensions I wear are quite a bit longer than my natural hair so blending can be tricky but this side braid is a good one as it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit messy.  I was a little late to the party in discovering these but I am so glad I did eventually!     I do like to keep my hair out of my face most days and wanted something casual and quick for an active afternoon.

The first time I put them in I did it after I put Gracie down for a nap.  I wore them down and curled some beachy waves and felt just like a mermaid with all that hair!  Then Gracie woke up a little sooner than I expected so I had to go see her with all this new, thick flowing hair that had just appeared from nowhere…and she didn’t even bat an eyelid at them, so weird?!   I love the photo below showing her little curls, I adore them and won’t be cutting them anytime soon!





Snack time!  She loves feeding me!



Gracie loves her Nanny!


Double the exercise when someone refuses to walk ha!


HAIR EXTENSIONS: Cliphair / JUMPER: Zara / JEANS: Topshop / WELLIES: Hunter

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