So we’ve been having a bit of a rough time this week with teething…the first thing to go for us when those gums start tingling is definitely sleep and I LOVE my sleep so I really needed a day in the fresh air (and plenty of caffeine) to get me through!


We are still missing Gareth very much but he’s on his way home from America now yay!!   We’ve got him back for a couple of days before he’s off again so we rely on FaceTime so much, it would be so much harder without it.   Another reason I can’t wait for him to come back is so that we can catch up on X Factor together!!  We didn’t watch it last year but loving this one so far, I’ve got a complete girl crush on Nicole Scherzinger and everything she wears she just looks so gorgeous in!

We’re making the most of the last of our girls time, so Mum, Gracie and I decided to visit Fawsley Hall in Daventry.  They have big gardens that Gracie could have a run around in before we had a really long, leisurely coffee break in the Grand Hall!  It’s one of my favourite things to do, especially as Gracie joins in now with the conversation in her own little language!   We have to keep a steady supply of snacks going her way though, that girl does NOT like to be contained for long before she wants to get running around again!  She started walking when she was just 8 months old and looked so freaky being so small!  Anyway, we loved it so much we’ve booked in for afternoon tea in a couple of weeks – they even do a little people version so Gracie can have it too, how cute is that?!

I love this Zara outfit and couldn’t resist buying both jacket and skirt to wear either together or mixed with other things.   It’s so good with heels but as I always have to chase after Gracie and pick things up that she drops constantly it had to be flats!    The jacket is actually warm too so I’ll be wearing it a lot this Season.

We are getting ready to set off to Copenhagen now for a few days and I’m so excited, post from our trip will follow soon!

Have a great weekend!

Katy xx





It’s impossible to keep her clean ha!


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  1. That co odd is amazing!! Can’t believe it’s Zara, could be Chanel !


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