We love Denmark!

We had an amazing trip to Copenhagen this week and I really fell in love with the city…so much so that we have actually booked another trip for next year so we can do the things we didn’t get time to do this time!

In this post is a little about the trip and then my top 3 tips for travelling solo with a little one (I flew alone with Gracie and met Gareth there) and my top 3 tips for City breaking with a baby/toddler!




My love





Probably my favourite shot from the trip!



One just wasn’t going to cut it!



Amazing cakes in a bakery!


For this trip, Gracie and I were meeting Gareth at Copenhagen as he was flying in from a work trip.  His travelling is a bit full on at the moment (when we got home he literally unpacked and repacked his bag then left for the airport again!!) so some family time exploring a new city was the perfect break in between the hectic schedule!

My favourite part of our visit was Nyhavn and all the colourful buildings lining the river.  We just strolled around chatting, laughing and playing which was so lovely.  I wasn’t actually prepared for how cold it was though!  Luckily I pack for every eventuality with Gracie so she was all cosy which was the main thing.  I planned my outfits in advance to save on space but didn’t take a coat?!  Everyone was wearing big coats, scarves and woolly hats!!

I especially love the cycling culture in Copenhagen.  They have really wide cycle lanes and everywhere you looked there were stacks of bikes parked up.  So many people didn’t even lock up their bikes which really says something!

We had planned to hire bikes on our last day but it was really rainy so instead took to a tour bus to explore the City under shelter.   Gareth works for a craft beer company so he’s a total beer geek…who knew Copenhagen was famous for beer?!  Well I now see why he was so keen to go ha!  But actually he took us to the Meatpacking district in Vesterbro which was full of really cool places to eat and drink.  We had pizza at Mother which was amazing!  We sat outside in the sun to have a drink at a place called Warpigs which Gareth was so excited about!

There’s so many things that I’d recommend for City breaking with a baby/toddler and also travelling solo with a little one.  But I’ve chosen my top 3 tips for both to share with this post.

Top 3 tips for travelling solo with a baby/toddler

  1. Take up any offer of help!  Most people were so kind and patient when they saw that I was alone with Gracie.  One lady carried my hand luggage up the steps of the plane then as we were getting off she just picked it up and told me she was taking it down for me!   Gracie actually fell asleep in my arms 5 minutes before landing (arrrggghhh!!) and she was just not waking up so I was trying to put my backpack on with her sleeping on me and things started falling out the top and I was starting to panic a little.   Then this man behind me just picked it all up, got me sorted and then even wheeled my hand luggage bag all the way through security and to baggage claim until I got my pushchair.  Gracie just slept the whole way through all this!   I definitely relied on the kindness of strangers despite all my planning and organisation!
  2. I get super organised to make it easy for myself.  Everything I need out at security is all in one pocket of my bag so I don’t need to dig around.  I made Gracie a packed lunch and even cut her sandwich into bite size pieces so I could just pop them in her mouth and keep us both clean (a rarity at mealtimes!).
  3. We got priority boarding for this trip and it was really great but moreso for when I was on my own as I could put her on the seat next to me while I got things close to hand that I’d need.

Top 3 City Break tips with a baby/toddler

  1. Sleep – We love our McLaren pushchair for travelling.  It folds down in one piece, it’s light and Gracie sleeps really well in it as it lays flat.   We also took a bed sheet from home for the cot in the room (she still didn’t sleep in it though) so my top tip is just do what it takes to get some rest too!
  2. Play – One of the things I love about city breaks is all the walking we end up doing, though that’s not great for Gracie to be stuck in the pushchair for long so we researched parks and play areas locally.  We chose a hotel with really great facilities too – they had a playroom and indoor swimming pool.   I was so impressed with Copenhagen airport facilities though, they are so family friendly.  They have a huge family area with tons of toys for all ages.  Gracie got to have a really good stretch before our flight.  Not like at Luton airport on the way there where I was letting her play on some empty seating ha!
  3. Food.  This is one that can get me stressed!  Gracie is not always a baby who will just eat anything and everything.  Sometimes she will and on this trip she surprised us by tucking into a bit of sushi and edamame beans!  I always make sure I have pouches from Ella’s kitchen as back ups.  I love their smoothies and yoghurt pouches especially.  And snacks too…I take so many snacks!  Raisins are great as it takes her ages to eat them so if we are in a queue or something I just whip them out and she’s entertained for a good 15 minutes ha!  We also took some weetabix and we popped into a supermarket when we arrived to get some fresh milk and fruit.  At least then we knew we had breakfast covered if we were running behind getting ready.

Gareth gets home tomorrow (yay!) and we’ll be getting ready for our next family trip in a couple of weeks

Have a great week!

Katy xx

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  1. Love following your posts, loving the pictures of you both together and your chosen outfits. Can’t wait for the next instalments x X x


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