Here’s a little peek into some of the things we’ve been discovering this month

Three for me


I love beauty products.  I’ve always been a make up girl and make no excuses for the fact that it helps me to feel good about myself!   That said, my morning routine is super quick and always has been – I like to stay in bed as long as possible and it was the same before Gracie arrived but my skin has definitely aged thanks to the lost sleep over the last 17 months!  My top three are all beauty products this month as it’s been particularly testing with teething!

My 3 favourite beauty buys for October

1. Boots No7 Airbrush Away primer has just launched and I’m always keen to try their new products.  I’ve only been using it a couple of days and so far I like that it’s really light and smooth.   It’s pretty much absorbed straight away after I apply it which is great for my speedy routine.


2. Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy concealer is a little stick of magic for my tiredness signs!  Aside from the dark circles, I also have a couple of dark spots around one of my eyes that seem to come out more with the sun as one has faded completely now.  I still have one and this concealer does a great job of hiding it.


3. Estee Lauder double wear foundation used to be my ‘go to’ but I moved away from it to YSL for a while. I’m rediscovering it’s amazingness now!  It’s the best foundation for me and I would definitely recommend.  I use my Beauty Blender to apply it and it really does stay on all day.




Four for Gracie


Oh this one definitely gets the lion’s share of the shopping spend ha!  It’s hard to get it to just four!!

1. Little Blue Truck book.  She is mesmerised when we read this to her and always asks for us to read it again!  It’s a really lovely story too about friendship




We love going to our local cafe where I can get a decent coffee, we read books and have snacks!



2. WOW toys Lift It Luke  She’s got soooo many toys, even though ANYTHING of mine is way better than any toy of hers.  But she’s got a thing for diggers and cars at the moment and she likes taking the little man in and out bless her!



3. New pair of Clarks shoes because a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes and that’s a great lesson to instil early on, right?!  Ha!  Gracie is absolutely obsessed with putting on and taking shoes off and she was in HEAVEN when we went shopping and I let her loose.  I really wanted her to pick.  I love Clarks shoes too, they are such a British institution and I remember always going there to get measured and buy new shoes when I was little too!



Yep, 2nd wear and they’re already muddy!

4. Bobble hat from Mothercare, My K by Myleene Klass collection.  I hate hiding away her delicious little curls but it was chilly today and I’m obsessed with bundling her up. Won’t be long until those padded snowsuits get whipped out and she’ll just be bouncing right back up when she falls 🙂  Love leopard print and any excuse to buy some anyway and Gracie seemed to like it too!



That is NOT a real baby in there FYI…I agree it looks a little sinister



And they go so well together too 🙂


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