I’ve been struggling with how to start writing this post which is probably why it’s taken me so long!  It’s essentially a diary of our trip to London with some tips, particularly with having a toddler in tow.  But this one is a bit different because it’s not just any city, it’s LONDON.

London has seen many different chapters of my life and some of my best experiences have been in this city.  It’s where my career took me in my mid twenties, it’s where I spent single girl nights sipping cocktails with my girls in Notting Hill or dancing to the early hours in Hoxton.  It was the city that I went to see the Olympics, London Fashion Week, concerts at Hyde Park.   Shopping trips and Champagne lunches with my mum!

And it was the city that I met Gareth in for the very first time, even though it would be years after that we would get together.  It’s a special place for me, with many special memories.  It was fun, it was exciting and it was oh so exhausting!

So this weekend I was a visitor in the latest chapter of my life and what a weekend it was!

Here are my top 5 places to go and some shots from our trip 

Queen Elizabeth’s Olympic Park

In Stratford which is super friendly for families and easy to get to.  There is a Westfield shopping centre, loads of restaurants and of course the Olympic Park itself. We went to the Tumbling Bay play area which was great for Gracie to have a play in (and Gareth had a little fun too…!)  They also run boat tours down the river and have swan boats to hire.



Not just for kids apparently?!


Standard attempt at getting a family photo…there’s always one, eh?!



All the play equipment and she just wanted to get into the stones!!


It’s always so colourful and interesting at the Southbank with their street food, markets, performers and music.  Bubbles make Gracie go INSANE so I’m pretty sure this was a highlight for her! We sat on a bench next to the river with a perfect view of Big Ben and ate some Cronuts 🙂



Bubble mid POP…fast shutter speed magic!






St Paul’s Cathedral

Such a beautiful building and a great place for Gracie to stretch her legs while we walked around…of course she found a little leaf treasure as usual!






Green Park 

Felt so Autumnal and lovely with all the leaves on the ground!  We had a play in the park because Gracie prefers sticks and leaves to any toy ever!  Then walked across to see Buckingham Palace.  This was one of the best bits for me as we all relaxed a bit more.  I carry balloons in my bag now, they are just the best portable toy!!



My little love

And finally…Shoreditch

Has always been a favourite area for me and while there’s not a lot of opportunity to let Gracie run around, it’s free from mass tourist crowds and offers some of the best food and coffee in London here.  I love Shoreditch Grind for coffee, the Hoxton hotel to stay, Hawksmoor for steak and  Spitalfields market for shopping!   Box Park is right next to the Underground at Shoreditch High Street and we found the most amazing Cronuts (Croissant/Doughnut cross) there

We LOVE brunch and ate at Dishoom one morning, which is a Bombay style cafe with the most amazing spicy eggs.   On another we ate at The Breakfast Club and I had my all time favourite, banana bircher with cinnamon.  Neither had high chairs or little people menus but they were welcoming and there were other kids and babies too.

We actually stayed in an apartment for this trip which was great as we could put Gracie to bed in her room in a proper cot and watch our latest TV obsession, Westworld.  She slept so well, much better than when we are in hotels.  One of the things I love about London is Deliveroo – we used it and had a Bodeans BBQ feast one night in the cosiness of our own little space while Gracie snoozed.


Akuri – 3 spicy scrambled egss






Our apartment on the 20th floor had floor to ceiling windows and it was so beautiful at night

Hope you have a great weekend!

Katy xx



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