My big thing this Autumn and Winter is getting Gracie outdoors as much as possible and not letting the cold keep us indoors too long!  It’s not a hard thing for Gracie at all, she loves being outside and is so not bothered by wind or rain or anything.  It’s me who’s the wimp when it comes to braving the elements! 

Last year was a big change for me though.  Rather than running into an office building and tucking myself away inside or spending lazy weekends watching films all day I had a baby who would only nap when she was safely strapped onto me in the sling or carrier!  So it was kind of forced a bit that I started walking loads and outside.  It started to get cold when Gracie was about 4 months old and some days I just walked around the house to get her to sleep then got comfy on the sofa while she snoozed away on me!   But I also had a load of baby weight to get rid of so had some extra motivation to get out! 

I think for me now it would be so easy to end up spending most of a day indoors somehow, playing or visiting soft play or swimming and of course shops and cafes in the mix!  We will still do all of those things too as Gracie loves them!

When we went to Copenhagen (post here) we learned so much about the Danish lifestyle that really inspired me, mainly because they are considered to be the happiest Country in the world!   I really loved hearing about the Forest Schools that they have there and I know we have some here in the UK too which is great and I am definitely going to be checking them out when Gracie is a little older!

So it’s going to take a load of commitment from me for definite but we have such beautiful places to visit close by.  I’m going to be sharing some of our outdoor adventures as we go along.  Any ideas welcome!

Here’s a few photos from our trip to Castle Ashby today where we had the most fun playing in the Autumn leaves!  We kept throwing them in the air and got some beautiful shots of Gracie laughing as they fell, I will be getting some of these on my walls soon!



Castle Ashby has really beautiful gardens and a menagerie with lots of different animals though the main attraction is definitely the meerkats (too cute!).  There is a play area and cafe but we found a little secluded spot and had a picnic!  It was pretty cold so I’ve just ordered Gracie a new snowsuit – just wish they did them in my size ha!  

I’m now writing this from the lovely warm cosiness of my living room while the smell of roast chicken is filling the house and it feels like bliss now!


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