This Sunday is a totally make up free, jogging bottoms and plenty of tea kind of day!  I went out with friends last night and got home waaaayyy later than I expected so I’ve convinced Gareth we need to eat pizza and watch Westworld after Gracie’s gone to bed tonight!

So we are just back from two weeks in Scotland!  It wasn’t a holiday as Gareth was working up there but I was so happy Gracie and I got to tag along and explore somewhere new.   We stayed in an Airbnb cottage in a pretty remote place, right by the beaches and little fishing towns.   But actually it was only 30 minutes drive from Aberdeen so it wasn’t far for the airport and cool to spend time in the city too.

My favourite part though was just having breakfast every morning the three of us and Gracie getting her daddy every night!  The people that own the cottage were so welcoming and thoughtful, giving us toys for Gracie and going food shopping for us before we arrived.  I’d definitely recommend it as a short holiday and have linked the place we stayed here.

We spent a fair bit of time hiding from the rain (it rained A LOT) in soft play centres and swimming pools but managed to get plenty of time outside too

Here are my top things to do in Aberdeenshire

Forvie Sands is absolutely beautiful and my favourite place from the trip.  You can see hundreds of seals across the water and when it’s not the weekend it’s totally deserted except for the odd dog walker or fellow mama and babe.   The way in is a walk through the sand dunes which are a vast sight in themselves!  There are loads of walks for another visit, we just enjoyed letting Gracie run around and play in the sand!





Formartines I went here just Gracie and I one of the days and then all three of us went at the weekend.  It was hands down the best brunch spot in the area and I had a mulled spice Chai to go with it which was heaven!  After brunch we said a quick hello to the turkeys before venturing out into the woods which are set around a fishing lake.  They had a ‘pooh sticks’ bridge and Gracie loved throwing sticks and leaves one side then we would rush to the other to see them come out!



Collieston beach is a really small coastal fishing village with a little beach surrounded by boats and a few houses.   We were the only ones on the beach the whole time!


The Winter Gardens at Duthie Park was a lovely indoor walk and to escape the cold for a while.  The cacti are amazing!  It’s also close to the city centre so we got some shopping in too – Gracie’s Christmas jumper has been purchased!


Anyway now we’re back I’m throwing myself into Christmas preparations and general excitement!  I even have Gareth making a reindeer out of logs and sticks in the back garden now, ha!

Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

Katy xx

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