December 1st!  Officially allowed to get excited about Christmas!

We had sooo much fun last weekend picking our Christmas tree!  Yes…I know it was a little early but I couldn’t wait to show Gracie this amazing Christmas tree farm in Welford, Northamptonshire!  Here’s some photos and a little video of the trip which my mum came along to with us.  Please forgive the blurry parts, I’m updating my camera really soon and it will have better video..I just imagine Gracie looking at this blog when she’s older and wanted to bring it to life a bit more for her!  I’d love any tips anyone has though?!

So we wore our Christmas jumpers to really get into the spirit, how cute is Gracie’s?!   She’s starting to say lots of words now, I think because she was an early walker she’s later on the talking front – everyone says they’re either talker or walker don’t they?  But I love hearing her little voice and seeing her learn new things each day.

They had a big barn with reindeer, turkeys and donkeys which were so popular with all the kids.  For older children there was a craft table Then (free) mince pies and mulled wine along with a lovely little Christmas shop.  They also have a Santa in his grotto but we were a bit too early for him and missed out but we have plans to see Santa a couple of times anyway so we weren’t too disappointed.

As soon as we put up the tree Gracie was determined to get every decoration and squeeze herself behind the tree..she loves a cosy corner!!  We’ve bought her a teepee for one of her Christmas presents to put in the corner of the living room so that she’s got a proper cosy corner to tuck herself into if she wants.  I’m sure she will still favour sitting under the kitchen table but I can at least keep trying!

I put out on the low surfaces in our living room, some decorations that I don’t mind Gracie playing with so she feels like she’s involved with the new things that have appeared.  I felt a bit unfair telling her not to touch the tree as she was so excited and I didn’t want to put a dampner on it but I don’t want her to end up with the tree on top of her!!

I’ve also got some flameless candles so we can get the cosy feeling without worrying about flames and things.   They are actually not too bad but I do get my pretty scented ones when she’s in bed!

We are home now until January except for a short trip to Aberdeen so it feels good to be able to relax a while and make lots of plans here.  I’ve been taking a lot of photographs professionally for other people lately and will be refreshing my site to include some of my work and taking on a few more bookings shortly.  It’s so rewarding seeing people so happy with the photographs I take!  I don’t want to be away from Gracie too much though so only taking a few on 🙂



Katy xx



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