We are home pretty much until January except for one short trip to Scotland again next weekend and I’ve been soaking up every minute and trying my best not to think too much about preparing for our next trips.  I’m the Queen of a ‘to do’ list and obsessive planner!  I feel so satisfied when we get our calendar out and start plotting adventures!

I have to remind myself sometimes to enjoy the ‘right now’ as well though rather than just focussing on what’s to come.  Having a child for me has totally amplified the precious nature of time and how quickly things become memories.

Here are some shots from our lovely lazy Sunday reading stories!  We also took a trip to the park, had a coffee at the cafe and then home for home made pizza that we let Gracie help with (Jamie Oliver recipe, trust me it’s the BEST!)

And below are my tips for preparing for the airport and flight when travelling with a baby/toddler.  Hope you enjoy reading and have a great week!


AIRPORTI breathe a sigh of relief once we are sat on the plane.  Even though there’s the whole flight ahead, I know that one of the hardest bits is done!  I always check the website for the airline and airport we are flying with to get a good feel for facilities and general family friendliness!  I’ve had mixed experience with budget airlines but would say these are the ones that can be trickiest.

At UK airports, you can pre order baby milk from Boots and collect it once you get through security which can save a little hassle.

Some airports have play areas so worth knowing ahead so you can make a beeline straight for them!

On our trip to Copenhagen (read about it here) I travelled alone with Gracie and relied so much on the kindness of strangers for help…don’t be afraid to ask for help, I encountered lots of fellow parents that were keen to carry a bag for me or help entertain!

BAGGAGE…We always max out on our luggage allowance because there is just soooo much to take away when you have a baby or toddler!

  1. Split baby clothes, nappies etc between hand luggage and hold luggage just in case your bag doesn’t appear at your destination.   All essentials for baby/toddler in hand luggage because it’s just safer that way!
  2. Take extra nappies, food and milk than you need for the flight just in case you get delayed or don’t want to worry about going out to get things as soon as you arrive
  3. Try to pack everything that you need for the flight in one small hand luggage bag so that you don’t have to search for things.  I like to keep mine by my feet the whole time.  I’ve experienced Gracie having explosive nappies during flight before and been soooo thankful for a change of clothes and everything else easy at hand!

FOOD…I always take a small cool bag with snacks and a meal for Gracie.  At security they usually have to scan it separately but I’ve never had any issues with taking things through.  I will try to find some fresh fruit and veggie sticks at the airport too to take on the plane if they have it.  My usual pack up contains a little sandwich, raisins, apple, yoghurt pouch, cucumber sticks, carrot sticks and some baby crisps.    When Gracie was a baby I had Ella’s Kitchen baby food pouches for her meals.

ON THE PLANE…If you’re flying long haul with a baby, some airlines have bassinets that you can request when you book.  They are located where the seats with the extra leg room are.  We did this when Gracie was 4 months old and she slept so well.

I normally limit Gracie’s screen time but when we travel the iPad comes out and it is a LIFESAVER!!  Now she’s getting a bit older we have some drawing apps and things as well as Disney films.

If it’s a short flight on a small plane they don’t always have baby changing facilities – I’ve had to change Gracie in one of those tiny cubicles on my lap!

One of the things that I used to get most worried about when Gracie was a lot smaller was if we would be THAT family with the screaming baby ruining everyones flight.  I’ve learned that it’s best to just follow my instinct and focus on Gracie.  We sat next to someone once and when he saw we had a baby was quite obviously annoyed and very huffy about it.  Gracie slept pretty much the whole 4 hour flight so he was just fussy over nothing!  Another time Gracie had a bit of a meltdown when she was overtired and I just had to focus on getting her through it and off to sleep.  Afterward, lots of people were very sympathetic and kind.  It can be so hit and miss but lots of people are parents themselves and empathise.  The others, well I just try and ignore and concentrate on my baby!

Thanks for reading!



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    • Thanks so much Anastasia! So nice of you to say, I definitely agree she’s a cutie! It’s sooo much harder alone and I try to avoid it where possible and make daddy share the pain ha!


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