That’s officially the last trip for 2016 wrapped up!  Now it is just all about Christmas, family and food!

We spent our weekend at a place called Meldrum House Country club and golf course.   Set in rural Aberdeenshire, the manor house itself is a really beautiful building that appears into view after a drive down a long single dirt road.  Swans are swimming in the lake adjacent and bulls are grazing and groaning in the field.  To my delight I even have 4G too.  Good start!





Reception is warmed by a roaring open fire with two armchairs that look comfy enough to sink into with a cup of tea and a paper and forget about time.  Unfortunately for me this is not an option as I am more concerned with keeping my 18 month old toddler, Gracie away from said fire (she is a bit amazed with candles and all things fire/heat related at the moment, so we keep a distance!).

I was so impressed with how well maintained the period features of the property were.  They were perfectly complimented by the newly converted and very modern stables where we stayed.   It was a great combination to enjoy the traditional surroundings in modern luxury!

The grounds were really lovely to explore and to let Gracie have a run around, all she ever wants to do though is find a puddle to jump around in!

If we can help it we prefer not to stay in hotels usually so that Gracie can have her own room and then we don’t disturb her too much.   She slept like an absolute star both nights, totally ignoring us watching Titanic and eating room service in the bed next to her!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were more family friendly that I expected.  I always hope for the best but I ask now if I need something that isn’t obviously available.  I ended up phoning reception to see if they could lend me a highchair for the room.   I had one within 5 minutes.  I then realised I had dropped Gareth off at his office with both of our phone chargers so I called them again and had one within another 5 minutes.   They were probably sighing and rolling their eyes that I was going to be one of THOSE kind of guests ha!  But if they were, they were definitely too professional and polite to show it 🙂

I would say the only downside for us was that the restaurant was closed between 4:30pm and 6pm which is pretty much when Gracie needs to eat!  She’s totally ready for dinner by 5pm at the moment.  Also on weekends, breakfast starts at 8am which for normal people is perfect.  But for parents with a hungry toddler who starts each day at 6:20am, not too ideal.  It just meant a little extra planning and using the mini fridge to store a little fruit to tide her over so it wasn’t a big deal.

One of my favourite parts of our stay was arriving back on the Saturday after a long day of Christmassy festivities and having drinks in the Cave Bar.  We sat in a little booth tucked away in the corner playing with Gracie and eating snacks.

Hope you had a lovely weekend too!’s where we stayed in case you fancy checking it out too!


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