Gracie is 18 months old!!  Even though it’s not a birthday, it feels like a real milestone for me.  I can already feel how much I am going to miss this stage when she’s older.  I don’t think I’ll miss the tantrums though ha!   Because time just goes so fast I was thinking of the things that I don’t get round to doing and how I can make the most of our time before the next big milestone hits us



So here are some things I’m going to do before Gracie is 2!  Kind of like a mini bucket list!


  1. Plan one new day trip a month (outside of travelling).  Gracie gets to see lots of new places when we are away but when we are home we tend to do a lot of the same things and go to our usual hang outs!  It could be a new aquarium, zoo or farm and all the better if we can get a friend or two along!
  2. Go ice skating!  Because what’s more festive at Christmas than taking to an ice rink and then hugging a hot chocolate afterward?!
  3. Experience a music festival!  There are so many family friendly ones in England that look fun, we like the look of The Big Feastival and Camp Bestival though she will have already turned two when they take place so will have to find one before June!
  4. Toast marshmallows over a campfire.  We took Gracie away camping earlier this year (post here) but totally forgot to do this one!
  5. Make a big den in my living room out of sheets, duvets and pillows on a rainy day.  We can play hide and seek, read stories and maybe even have a little picnic lunch in there, ha!

Okay I think that’s plenty for me to be getting on with!!  Make sure you check back and see the photographs and stories!  If anyone has any other recommendations please comment, I’d love some more ideas!

Katy xx



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