So I’ve already ticked off one thing from my mini bucket list and that’s taking Gracie ice skating!!  She absolutely loved it – especially as she got a little push along penguin and skates of her own.  After a bit I think her confidence was up and she refused to hold the penguin and just wanted to skate?!!  It was actually such a workout for me, I was aching by the end of it ha!  My mum came along with us as Gareth is away for a couple of days so we’re having some fun girl time!



After all the fun and we got home I took Gracie out on a walk around our street to see all the different lights and decorations people have put up outside.  Every year I try to convince Gareth we should be THAT house, you know, the brightest one around!!  Still working on that one, but I did manage to get him to make a reindeer out of wood that sits in our front garden lit by fairy lights!  So I’m getting there slowly…

Tomorrow we will be taking Gracie to a little Winter wonderland where we can go on a carousel, ride a train and do a little shopping

I wanted to get this post up today as Gracie is 18 months TODAY!!  Here’s some things I’m loving about this age

  1. I love the way Gracie really understands things I say now and is so proud when she does something I ask her to do and gets a high five!
  2. I find it so funny when she’s clearly testing me…like she’s about to climb on top of her little table which she knows she shouldn’t do and she looks over at me to see my reaction.  Sometimes there’s even a cheeky smile!
  3. When I ask her if she loves mummy and daddy she says yes…make my heart totally melt why don’t you?!
  4. I love the way she likes to care for her doll.  She pretends to feed, cuddle and wash it which is just the cutest thing to me
  5. All the cuddles, the kisses and just the love I feel from her in return.   When she was a little baby I felt the intense need she had for me but now I can feel the love so much

I could go on forever!!

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