I’ve had a really great week!!  And it’s not even over yet!!  It feels amazing to say that because some weeks I just feel like I try to do so many things and end up getting nothing done or some things done not very well.   To get a balance in life can be rare and usually the time I get to do things for myself gets sacrified in favour of cleaning or just life admin of some sort!

We’ve had lots of playdates with various buddies of Gracie’s which has been fun but also great for me to have a catch up with friends too.  We’ve spent some lovely quality time with my mum going on day trips and trying new things, just making special memories!

I’ve also managed to upload my first ever beauty tutorial to my YouTube channel for a Winter glam look similar to the one I have in these photos.  It really makes a difference to how I feel when I’ve spent a little time on myself to feel good for the day.  Gracie loves to sit and play with my makeup bags, taking everything out and putting it back in again!  It only takes me 10 minutes and for me it’s 10 minutes well spent for my own positive mindset to start the day!

I will be uploading really regularly on all things travel and beauty related so make sure you subscribe to get notified if you want to follow along 🙂

To top off the week, Gareth got back from his last trip of the year (yay!) and we won’t have to be without him for aaaaaages as we are travelling altogether in January.

Today we are off to spend time with my family for a little Christmas get together and it’s CHEAT day so bring on the mince pies!!!

Hope you are all having fantastic weekends!!xx



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