This is from earlier today at Balmedie beach in Scotland!  The beach is so fun there because it’s got these amazing sand dunes with little trails leading up to it and once you get to the top there’s a gorgeous view of the coast and the boats out at sea.  Gracie makes me sooo nervous though because she’s pretty fast and just tries to run toward the water!!  The waves were quite big this morning and she’s just obsessed with watching them break and seeing the tide rush in.

We’ve been here for the last week and I’m so happy we’ve started our year together as a family.  We even found an apartment here this week to call our home when we are up which is so lovely to be able to have lots of our familiar comforts and toys for Gracie.

We’ve been busy planning too, I don’t really make ‘resolutions’ each year but January does get me in a mood for getting organised, making lists and planning fun things.

I’ve ordered a load of new stationary from Kikki K  – I discovered them when we lived in Australia and they had a shop there I used to love and I was so excited when I realised they ship worldwide.  Definitely check them out if you are an organisation geek like me!! Even though I take my laptop everywhere, I just love a pretty notebook and a proper family calendar full of scribbles!!

Enjoy your Sunday!xx

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