I love to have a busy and full calendar with lots of play dates, toddler classes and days out.   Sometimes though we have those days where plans fall through or I just didn’t make any for that day and it’s cold or rainy OR I just don’t want to leave the house!  Pintrest is my saviour and I’m so grateful to all those creative mama’s who provide such amazing inspiration.   I love getting Gracie involved in messy activities but sometimes I just want to keep it simple and not create a load of extra mess in the house, I know some of you are with me on this?!  So here’s my favourite indoor activities with my 19 month old 🙂

1.BAKING is something I’m loving at the moment.  I’m a bit rubbish in the kitchen department except when it comes to home made pizza or baking cakes.  It’s only recently that Gracie has been taking a big interest in what I’m doing in the kitchen and I love to watch her recreating things she’s seen me doing in her own little play kitchen she got for Christmas!  We baked a lemon drizzle cake from The Primrose Bakery cookbook this week as it’s Gareth’s favourite and it was his birthday!  It was such an easy and quick recipe with lots that Gracie could help with.

2. BATHTIME..not actual bath time though she’d probably LOVE that because it’s her favourite part of the day… but making a little bath out of a washing up bowl in the kitchen and giving her animal toys a good scrub!  Gracie gets water play and role play all at the same time and the toys get a well needed clean!  I’ve got a large waterproof sheet I got from Jojo Maman Bebe and I just stick that down to contain the splash.

3. SORTING…Gracie’s all time favourite toys are:  My make up brushes and their container, my purse and my bedside table drawer.  See a theme lol?!  So I start off with a few of my empty cosmetic bags or washbags and fill them with various things including toys and everyday objects.  Gracie plays around zipping them open and closed then picks things out and we name them and pass them between each other.   Packing them away is just as fun for her as she gets so much joy out of passing me an item I have asked her to find!

4. DEN…We got Gracie a teepee and decorated it with fairy lights, strings of pom poms and got a fluffy rug to make it cosy.  This is my lazy activity as we just get a stack of books and hide away in there reading.  I take a couple of snacks with us, some of her tea set bits and a few teds so we can have a little picnic too and she LOVES it!

5. AQUADOODLE…This is essentially painting with water and it’s genius!  It comes with a pen, a paintbrush and some stamps that you dip in water and use on the mat.  The mat then turns rainbow coloured as the water hits it and all you do is leave it to dry out then it’s ready to use again.  We bought ours from Toys R Us.  Love this as we can just lay it out in the lounge and get our hands and feet involved too!

Thanks for reading, what are your favourite indoor activities with kiddos?

Katy xx

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