Here are a few photos from a lazy morning in the week when we stayed in PJs and baked banana bread!  We used a recipe from my Ella’s Kitchen cookbook and added Pecan’s too..Gracie gave up helping at that point and just sat munching on them!  I love having busy weeks that are full of play dates, classes and activities but I also love keeping some time free so there’s no schedule to keep to or plan in mind.

This week we joined the gym!  I’m so happy, I found one with a great creche that we were able to try out first before signing up.  Gracie loved it and just got stuck in with all the arts and crafts tables they had out.  Once a week I’m booking us in for an hour and I will go to a class then take Gracie for a swim after.  I’ll go a couple more times a week when I can in the evenings or early morning when Gareth is playing with Gracie.. but it feels good to be able to go when it suits our plans and to know Gracie is having fun and well looked after.

I didn’t need to really work at finding balance in life before I became a mother…this little person is a lot of work ha!  So right now I’m working on trying to organise our days and weeks so I feel like I accomplish the things on my to do lists.  Often I end up trying to do so many things and get frustrated by how little I get done, and get done very well…it’s annoying how cliche it all is!

I’m watching Mariah’s world on E! as I’m writing this (Gareth isn’t back yet!)  and it is sooo addictive!!  LOVE her so much!  Actually just downloading a load of her music now too!

Have a great weekend!xx


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